Join us on Sunday mornings before our main service as we study the Bible together in a smaller group setting. We have a group for you! 

Our LifeGroups are based on a person’s stage of life. We think you will enjoy being part of a group of people who are experiencing the same joys and difficulties as you and your family. From birth-12th grade our groups are divided by age/grade level, and we have a variety of LifeGroups for adults. 

 LifeGroups will be livestreaming using various platforms as we want to remain in community with one another. Group leaders are communicating with members of their individual groups. Please contact us at  if you would like help connecting and getting plugged in to one of our LifeGroups.

Adult LifeGroups:

Young Adult 1 LifeGroup:

This group meets in room 210 in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings. They also get together throughout the month for game nights and other fun events. 

Young Adult 2 LifeGroup:

This is a new group of young families and professionals that meet in room 214. They also meet on Wednesday nights and every other Sunday evening.

Adult 3 LifeGroup:

Designed for adults of all ages (40-60). This group meets upstairs in the Family Life Center in room 215.

Adult 4 LifeGroup:

This group (60+) meets upstairs in the Family Life Center in room 212.

Adult 5 LifeGroup:

J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) is the name of our senior adult group (70+). They meet on the ground floor of the Family Life Center in the Conference room .

Men’s LifeGroup:

This group is specifically designed for men and meets in room 211 in the Family Life Center.

Women's LifeGroup:

This group for women meets in room 109 in the Family Life Center.


For children birth-age 4 (for additional info click here).


For children Kindergarten-5th grade (for additional info click here).


For students in grades 6-12 (for additional info click here)